# Absinthe

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[GraphQL]( implementation for Elixir.


- Complete implementation of the [GraphQL Working Draft](
- An idiomatic, readable, and comfortable API for Elixir developers
- Extensibility based on small parts that do one thing well.
- Detailed error messages and documentation.
- A focus on robustness and production-level performance.

Please see the website at [](

## Why Use Absinthe?

Absinthe goes far beyond GraphQL specification basics.

### Easy-to-Read, Fast-to-Run Schemas

Absinthe schemas are defined using easy-to-read macros that build and verify
their structure at compile-time, preventing runtime errors and increasing

### Pluggability

The entire query processing pipeline is configurable. Add, swap out, or remove
the parser, individual validations, or resolution logic at will, even on a
per-document basis.

### Advanced Resolution

Absinthe includes a number of advanced resolution features, to include:

- Asynchronous field resolution
- Batched field resolution (addressing N+1 query problems)
- A resolution plugin system supporting further extensibility

### Safety

- Complexity analysis and configurable limiting
- Support for precompiled documents/preventing custom documents

### Idiomatic Documents, Idiomatic Code

Write your schemas in idiomatic Elixir `snake_case` notation. Absinthe can
transparently translate to `camelCase` notation for your API clients.

Or, define your own translation schema by writing a simple adapter.

### Frontend Support

We care about support for third-party frameworks, both on the back and
front end.

So far, we include specialized support for Phoenix and Plug on the backend,
and [Relay]( on the frontend.

Of course we work out of the box with other frontend frameworks and GraphQL
clients, too.

## Installation

Install from [](

def deps do
  [{:absinthe, "~> 1.7.0"}]

Note: Absinthe requires Elixir 1.10 or higher.

## Upgrading

See [CHANGELOG](./ for upgrade steps between versions.

## Documentation

- [Absinthe hexdocs](
- For the tutorial, guides, and general information about Absinthe-related
  projects, see [](

### Mix Tasks

Absinthe includes a number of useful Mix tasks for extracting schema metadata.

Run `mix help` in your project and look for tasks starting with `absinthe`.

## Related Projects

See the [GitHub organization](

## Community

The project is under constant improvement by a growing list of
contributors, and your feedback is important. Please join us in Slack
(`#absinthe-graphql` under the Elixir Slack account) or the Elixir Forum
(tagged `absinthe`).

Please remember that all interactions in our official spaces follow
our [Code of Conduct](./

## Contribution

Please follow [contribution guide](./

## License

See [](./