# Advent of Code Utils


Input fetching and boilerplate generation for [Advent of Code](

The goal of this project is to eliminate most of the manual labor involved with
working on the yearly Advent of Code challenges.

As a sample, this is the workflow you'd use when working on the challenge of the
first of December 2020:

$ mix aoc
* Creating: lib/2020/1.ex
* Creating: input/2020_1.txt
Today's challenge can be found at:

Afterwards, `lib/2020/1.ex` will look as follows:

import AOC

aoc 2020, 1 do
  def p1 do

  def p2 do

In this generated module, you can access the contents of the fetched input by
using `input_path()`, `input_string()` or `input_stream()`.
While solving your challenge, you can use the `AOC.p1()` and `AOC.p2()` helpers
in `iex` to quickly test your solution so far.
These helpers can also be set up to automatically recompile your mix project.

All of this is configurable so that you can adjust this project to fit your own
workflow. Check out the [docs]( for
more information!

## Installation & Use

- Add `advent_of_code_utils` to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

def deps do
    {:advent_of_code_utils, "~> 1.0"}

- Store your session cookie in `config/config.exs`. You can find this by
  inspecting your cookies after logging in to the advent of code website.

config :advent_of_code_utils, session: "<your cookie>"

- Use `mix aoc` to work on today's challenge. The day and year of a challenge
  can be passed in various ways, so this project can still be used when working
  on older challenges.

  - If you just want to use this application to fetch the input of a challenge,
    without generating any code, use `mix aoc.get` instead of `mix aoc` and
    ignore the following steps.

- Add `import AOC.IEx` to your
  [`.iex.exs` file](
  This allows you to use the utilities defined in `AOC.IEx` without
  specifying the module name. _(optional)_

- Set `auto_reload?` in your `config/config.exs` if you want the various
  `AOC.p*` to recompile your project _(optional)_:

config :advent_of_code_utils, auto_reload?: true

## Issues

This project grew from a collection of utilities I wrote for myself when working
on advent of code.
I polished these utilities, but it is possible some bugs are still present.
If you run into any issue, feel free to create an issue on