# AHT20

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Read temperature and humidity from AHT20 sensor in Elixir.

## Usage

# Connect to the sensor.
iex> {:ok, pid} = AHT20.start_link(bus_name: "i2c-1", bus_address: 0x38)
{:ok, #PID<0.1407.0>}

# Read the humidity and temperature from the sensor.
iex> AHT20.measure(pid)
   humidity_rh: 15.079402923583984,
   temperature_c: 28.26671600341797,
   temperature_f: 82.88008880615234

Depending on your hardware configuration, you may need to modify the call to
`AHT20.start_link/1`. See `t:AHT20.options/0` for parameters.