# Airbax

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Elixir client for [Airbrake](

Airbax is a clone of awesome [Rollbax](, but for Airbrake/Errbit.

Airbax was made by simply replacing 'rollbax' with 'airbax' everywhere in the code, changing
`Rollbax.Item` and `Rollbax.Client` to make them compatible with Airbrake API specifications
and fixing some tests. That's it.  
All credits go to Rollbax.

## Installation

Add Airbax as a dependency to your `mix.exs` file:

defp deps() do
  [{:airbax, "0.0.6"}]

and add it to your list of applications:

def application() do
  [applications: [:airbax]]

Then run `mix deps.get` in your shell to fetch the dependencies.

## Usage

Airbax requires some configuration in order to work. For example, in `config/config.exs`:

config :airbax,
  project_key: "ffb8056a621f309eeb1ed87fa0c7",
  project_id: true,
  environment: "production"

If you're using Errbit, add to the configuration above an URL of your Errbit service as `url` parameter.  

Then, exceptions (errors, exits, and throws) can be reported to Airbrake or Errbit using ``:

try do
  exception ->, exception, System.stacktrace())

### Plug and Phoenix

For examples on how to take advantage of Airbax in Plug-based applications (including Phoenix applications), have a look at the ["Using Airbax in Plug-based applications" page in the documentation](  

### Non-production reporting

For non-production environments error reporting can be either disabled completely (by setting `:enabled` to `false`) or replaced with logging of exceptions (by setting `:enabled` to `:log`).

config :airbax, enabled: :log

## License

This software is licensed under [the ISC license](LICENSE).