# AltworxBook

AltworxBook provides function to interact with Altworx from LiveBook notebooks.

Currently supported functionality is described in `AltworxBook` module documentation.

## Using in LiveBook notebooks

To use functionality of this library in your notebook, you need to include it in your dependecies
with runbox configuration.

    {:altworx_book, "~> 0.1.0"}
  config: [runbox: [scenario_config_dir: nil]]

## Existing notebooks

There are currently these notebooks available:

* [Normalizer pipeline development](notebooks/normalizer_devel.livemd)
* [Normalizer pipeline debugging](notebooks/normalizer_debug.livemd)

To run these notebooks start Altworx in developer mode via `make` in the Altworx repository.
This LiveBook should be in the same network. That is, if run from docker, it should be started with the parameter `-net host`. You can start LiveBook from this repository by calling `make`.