Anubis is a library for creating command line applications in Elixir.

## Features

### Simple command creation

Anubis allows you to create command line applications with multiple commands (like [git](, without needing to define multiple mix tasks. This can be useful when exporting your command line application as an escript.

As you can see in the example, just call the `command` macro, passing in an atom for the command name, a description of that command, and the function that should be invoked when that command is run. Some restrictions apply to these functions. Firstly, it must be a named function. Also, the command should accept 1 parameter: the list of arguments after the command. In our example below, if we call

    $ mix example init some params

then the `Named.Function.init` function will be invoked with the arguments `["some", "params"]`.

### Help out of the box

Once you've defined your commands, Anubis will automatically generate a help command for you, which lists out the available commands and their descriptions.

    $ mix example help

## An example

    defmodule Mix.Tasks.Example
      use Anubis

      command :init, "Initialize the project.", Named.Function.init
      command :send, "Send me a small letter.", Named.Function.send
      command :list, "List all of the things.", Named.Function.list