# Apollo 18

**Provides mechanism to make your things be like Apollo 18: 
Officially don't exists, only the owner know that it (if ?) exists. The truth is out there (Maybe ...).**

## Installation

The package can be installed by adding `Apollo 18` to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

def deps do
    {:apollo18, "~> 1.1.5"}

## Web Usage

This module functionalities are ported too for be used in web/javascript.
This could be usefull to send/receive messages between a web browser
client (Javascript side) and a server (Elixir side).

For javascript utilization:
<script src="./apollo18.min.js"></script>
To search the file "apollo18.min.js":
- Go to the "deps/apollo18/lib/js" folder in your elixir project (or search by file name). 
This file is protected, if you need debug execution results, you 
should use an "alert" (or other dialog/component) to capture the execution results.
- Can you too rename the file "apollo18.min.js" to another name to evict that one google search.
For example "mypet.cerealkeeper.min.js", probably will'nt show any google results, related to
any cipher mechanisms.
So, make anything awesome! 

The docs can be found at [](