This project is to help you migrate a ruby project that is using ActiveRecord towards an Elixir project that uses Ecto.  The first feature is to transform your migrations from ruby (rb) to elixir (exs).

Getting Started

Install the latest version

git clone
cd ar2ecto
mix do deps.get, compile

Transform from your ruby ActiveRecord migrations to
Ecto migrations.

mix ar2ecto MyApp \
  /path/to/rubyproj/db/migrate \

The output should look similar to

Migrating MyApp from ActiveRecord to Ecto...
  -- Looking for migrations in /path/to/rubyproj/db/migrate
  -- Migrating to /path/to/elixirproj/priv/repo/migrations
DONE, Migrating from ActiveRecord to Ecto.

And within that directory you should see your new migrations.

This is under active development so please be vocal when you encounter issues.