# Argon2

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Argon2 password hashing library for Elixir.

[Argon2]( is the official winner
of the [Password Hashing Competition](,
a several year project to identify a successor to Bcrypt / Pbkdf2 / Scrypt
password hashing methods.

## Changes in version 2

In version 2.0, argon2_elixir has been updated to implement the Comeonin
and Comeonin.PasswordHash behaviours.

It now has the following two additional convenience functions:

* `add_hash/2`
  * same as Comeonin.Argon2.add_hash in Comeonin version 4
  * hashes a password and returns a map with the password hash
* `check_pass/3`
  * same as Comeonin.Argon2.check_pass in Comeonin version 4
  * takes a user struct and password as input and verifies the password

## Installation

1. Add `argon2_elixir` to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

def deps do
  [{:argon2_elixir, "~> 2.0"}]

2. Configure `argon2_elixir` - see the documentation for
[`Argon2.Stats`]( for more details

## Comeonin wiki

See the [Comeonin wiki]( for more
information on the following topics:

* [algorithms](
* [requirements](
* [deployment](
  * including information about using Docker
* [references](

## Contributing

There are many ways you can contribute to the development of this library, including:

* reporting issues
* improving documentation
* sharing your experiences with others
* [making a financial contribution](#donations)

## Donations

First of all, I would like to emphasize that this software is offered
free of charge. However, if you find it useful, and you would like to
buy me a cup of coffee, you can do so at [paypal](

### Documentation

### License

Apache 2.0. Please read the argon2/LICENSE file for more details about the Argon2 license.