# Artifactory

A Elixir client for Artifactory's REST API

## Notes

* This project is new, and nowhere near complete
* In the process of writing some `Mix` tasks & `ExUnit` tests, but they are not yet functional
* Installation steps below will download & start JFrog's Docker image for Artifactory, but don't yet do anything with that image
* Started for Elixir 1.4, and open to making compatible w/ older versions
* Pull requests & fellow maintainers welcome

## System dependencies

* Artifactory
* Docker (to run test suite)

## Installation

In `Mix.exs`, and to deps & applications

    # extra_applications new in Elixir 1.4
    def application do
      [extra_applications: [:artifactory]]

    def deps do
      [{:artifactory, "~> 0.1.0"}]

Get the dependencies

    $ mix deps.get

Compile the app

    $ mix compile

Run the initializer

    $ mix artifactory.init

## Helpful links

* [Changelog](
* [License](
* [Version](VERSION.txt)