# AshPostgres

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AshPostgres supports all capabilities of an Ash data layer, and it will
most likely stay that way, as postgres is the primary target/most maintained
data layer.

Custom Predicates:

- AshPostgres.Predicates.Trigram

## DSL

See the DSL documentation in `AshPostgres.DataLayer` for DSL documentation

## Usage

First, ensure you've added ash_postgres to your `mix.exs` file.

{:ash_postgres, "~> x.y.z"}

To use this data layer, you need to chage your Ecto Repo's from `use Ecto.Repo`,
to `use AshPostgres.Repo`. because AshPostgres adds functionality to Ecto Repos.

Then, configure each of your `Ash.Resource` resources by adding `use Ash.Resource, data_layer: AshPostgres.DataLayer` like so:

defmodule MyApp.SomeResource do
  use Ash.Resource, data_layer: AshPostgres.DataLayer

  postgres do
    repo MyApp.Repo
    table "table_name"

  attributes do
    # ... Attribute definitions

## Generating Migrations

See the documentation for `Mix.Tasks.AshPostgres.GenerateMigrations` for how to generate
migrations from your resources