# AssertHTML

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AssertHTML is an Elixir library for parsing and extracting data from HTML and XML with CSS.

## Usage

### Contains
  `assert_html(html, ~r{Hello World})` - match string in HTML  
  `refute_html(html, ~r{Another World})` - shold not contain string in HTML

   assert_html(html, ".content") do
     assert_html(~r{Hello World})
### CSS selectors

`assert_html(html, ".css .selector")` - check element exists in CSS selector path

`refute_html(html, ".errors .error")` - element not exists in path

### Check attributes

assert_html(html, "form", class: "form", method: "post", action: "/session/login") do
  assert_html ".-email" do
    assert_html("label", text: "Email", for: "staticEmail", class: "col-form-label")
    assert_html("div input", type: "text", readonly: true, class: "form-control-plaintext", value: "")
  assert_html(".-password") do
    assert_html("label", text: "Password", for: "inputPassword")
    assert_html("div input", placeholder: "Password", type: "password", class: "form-control", id: "inputPassword", placeholder: "Password")

  assert_html("button", type: "submit", class: "primary")

### Example

defmodule ExampleControllerTest do
  use ExUnit.Case, async: true
  use AssertHTML

  test "shows search form", %{conn: conn} do
    conn_resp = get(conn, Routes.page_path(conn, :new))
    assert response = html_response(conn_resp, 200)

    assert_html response do
      # Check element exists in CSS selector path
      assert_html "p.description"

      # element doesn't exists
      refute_html ".flash-message"

      # assert form attributes
      assert_html "form.new_page", action: Routes.page_path(conn, :create), method: "post" do
        # assert elements inside the `form.new_page` selector
        assert_html "label", class: "form-label", text: "Page name"
        assert_html "input", type: "text", class: "form-control", value: "", name: "page_name"
        assert_html "button", class: "form-button", text: "Submit"

Documentation can be found at [](

## Installation

It's available in Hex, the package can be installed as:

Add `assert_html` to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

def deps do
    {:assert_html, ">= 0.0.1", only: :test}
Then run `mix deps.get` to get the package.

## Contribution
Feel free to send your PR with proposals, improvements or corrections 😉.

## License

This software is licensed under [the MIT license](