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# AtEx

> An API Wrapper for the Africas Talking API

## Table of contents

- [Features](#features)
- [Installation](#installation)
- [Configuration](#configuration)
- [Documentation](#documentation)
- [Contribution](#contribution)
- [Licence](#licence)

## Features

We hope to cover all the endpoints of [Africas Talking ]( to help elixir developers integrate its services in their applications.
Here are the main modules we hope to develop in the process.

- [x] SMS
- [x] Voice
- [x] USSD
- [x] Airtime
- [x] Payments
- [x] IoT
- [x] Application

## Installation

Available in Hex, the package can be installed by adding `at_ex` to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

def deps do
    {:at_ex, "~> 0.20.20"}

## Configuration

- Create a `dev.exs` file under the `config` folder in the root of the project if you do not have it. like `touch config/dev.exs` to setup configs for development environment i.e, sandbox credentials check sample configuration below.
- Create a `prod.exs` file under the `config` folder in the root of the project if you dont have it. like `touch config/prod.exs` to setup `at_ex` configs for production environment i.e, live credentials check sample configuration below.
- Copy the contents of `dev.sample.exs` into the `dev.exs` created above.
- Go to [Africas Talking]( to register for an account.
- On signing up go to the `` to get an **api key**
- Add the **api key** in the `api_key:`value in the `config/dev.exs` created above.

## Example Configuration setup
``` elixir
config :at_ex,
  content_type: "application/x-www-form-urlencoded",
  accept: "application/json",
  username: "sandbox", #change to live username for prod.ex
  stk_product_name: "AtEx", #Add your specific product name.
  b2c_product_name: "AtEx",
  b2b_product_name: "AtEx",
  bank_checkout_product_name: "AtEx",
  bank_transfer_product_name: "AtEx",
  card_checkout_product_name: "AtEx",
  # When changed to "YES" one will use the live endpoint url when in development
  force_live_url: "NO"

## Documentation

The docs can be found at [](

### Quick examples

#### Sending SMS

    iex> AtEx.Sms.send_sms(%{to: "+254728833181", message: "Howdy"})
        "SMSMessageData" => %{
        "Message" => "Sent to 1/1 Total Cost: ZAR 0.1124",
        "Recipients" => [
            "cost" => "KES 0.8000",
            "messageId" => "ATXid_96e52a761a82c1bad58e885109224aad",
            "number" => "+254728833181",
            "status" => "Success",
            "statusCode" => 101

#### Payment Mobile checkout

    iex>AtEx.Payment.mobile_checkout(%{phoneNumber: "254724540000", amount: 10, currencyCode: "KES"})
        "description" => "Waiting for user input",
        "providerChannel" => "525900",
        "status" => "PendingConfirmation",
        "transactionId" => "ATPid_bbd0bcd713e27d9201807076c6db0ed5"

## Contribution

If you'd like to contribute, start by searching through the [issues]( and [pull requests]( to see whether someone else has raised a similar idea or question.
If you don't see your idea listed, [Open an issue](

Check the [Contribution guide]( on how to contribute.

## Licence

AtEx is released under [MIT License](