# Autoalias

Find yourself typing long module names when debugging something in iex?
Or creating aliases for lots of modules just to test simple query? This library can help you!

## Installation

Available via [Hex package](, just add `autoalias` to
your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

def deps do
    {:autoalias, "~> 0.2.0", only: :dev}

## Usage

Simply type `use Autoalias` in the iex shell and it will ([try](#conflicts)) to alias every accessible module.
For example:


iex -S mix phx.server

iex(1)> MyApplication.Repo.get(MyApplication.SomeContext.SomeModule, 1) \
...(1)> |> MyApplication.SomeContext.SomeModule.changeset(%{foo: :bar}) \
...(1)> |> MyApplication.Repo.update()


iex -S mix phx.server

iex(1)> use Autoalias
iex(2)> Repo.get(SomeModule, 1) \
...(2)> |> SomeModule.changeset(%{foo: :bar}) \
...(2)> |> Repo.update()

_NOTE:_ you should **not** use it in your code, it's built only for simplifying iex experience.

Check out the [docs]( for more info.

### Conflicts

If we have several modules with the same ending and alias all of them, only last one will be accepted.
For this lib it will be the longest accessible module with particular ending, all others will be aliased
by their parents. Conflicts solving performs recursively till there will be no conflict at all.

For example if there is modules like `Foo.Bar.SomeModule` and `Baz.Qux.Corge.SomeModule` it will alias the longest module,
and closest parent for all conflicted modules. In this case it will be:

alias Baz.Qux.Corge.SomeModule
alias Foo.Bar

So we can now use `SomeModule` to access first one and `Bar.SomeModule` for the second.

Here is the corner case when conflict appears with one-word module, e.g. `SomeModule` and `MyApp.SomeModule`.
In this case it will create alias for `MyApp.SomeModule` and you will loose direct access to one-word `SomeModule`
module. If this happened, you can prepend module with `Elixir.` prefix, like `Elixir.SomeModule`, to access it.
`Elixir` module itself cannot be aliased at all.

This cases are pretty rare, but it can happen.