# Avalanche

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Avalanche is an Elixir [Snowflake]( Connector built on top of the Snowflake SQL API v2.

## Features

* Submit SQL statements for execution.

* Check the status of the execution of a statement.

* Cancel the execution of a statement.

* Manage your deployment (e.g. provision users and roles, create tables, etc.)

## Installation

def deps do
    {:avalanche, "~> 0.1.0"}

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## Acknowledgments

Avalanche is built on top of [Req]( & [Finch]( - thank you!

## Documentation

Documentation is automatically published to []( on release.
You may build the documentation locally with

MIX_ENV=docs mix docs

## Running tests

You can run unit tests with:
mix test

To set up and run the `integration` tests, you need to:
- `cp .env.test .env.test.local` and adjust the existing variables accordingly.
- obtain a private key and add it to the the `.env.test.local` file if you wish
  to run tests that use the `priv_key` auth strategy
- obtain a `SNOWFLAKE_OAUTH_ACCESS_TOKEN` if you wish to run tests that use the
  `token` auth strategy

You can run all tests and integration tests with:
SNOWFLAKE_OAUTH_ACCESS_TOKEN=your_token mix test --include integration

## Contributing

Issues and PRs are welcome! See our organization []( for more information about best-practices and passing CI.