# WebClient for [Altex](

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A basic web client for the Altex applications. This is a Phoenix application
excluding ecto nut using Altex-modules by referencing them as a path-dependency
until we have a releas where we have published each single Altex-project as a
Hex package.

## Altex Mix projects

- `../[axentity][]` A general "Entity" protocol. Entities are wrapper around any
   valid term and makes it possible to store those data in a "Repository".

- `../[axrepo][]` A general "Data repository" to persist and load `Entities` from
  somewhere. Axrepo provides an In-Memory and a On-Disk implementation. If
  you think an application without a SQL-database isn't a real application,
  its up to you to just implement a SQL-implementation.

- `../[ax_webclient][]` This package. [See in action...](
  The web-page made out from path `altex/altex_iboard_cc` in this code repository.
## Hex Packages

- [axentity][]
- [axrepo][]
- [ax_webclient][]

[CIB axentity]:
[DB axentity]:

[CIB axrepo]:
[DB axrepo]:

[CIB ax_webclient]:
[DB ax_webclient]: