# AxonONNX

Easily convert models between ONNX and Axon.

## Installation

AxonONNX is currently in development. You can use it as a `git` dependency:

def deps do
    {:axon_onnx, github: "elixir-nx/axon_onnx"}

### Protobuf

Additionally, AxonONNX uses [protox]( to generate code for parsing protocol buffers data within ONNX.

If you want to regenerate this code, you can invoke the following command:

mix generate_protobuf

Note that you'll need to install `protoc` (>= 3.0). It must available in `$PATH`. You can download it [here]( or you can install it with your favorite package manager (`brew install protobuf`, `apt install protobuf-compiler`, etc.).