# Azure Active Directory OpenID

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Azure Active Directory authentication using OpenID.

This is a simple and opinionated OpenID authentication library for Azure Active Directory.
The following decisions have been made:

- The nonce has a timeout of 15 minutes
- The callback will reject id_tokens with an iat that is more than 6 minutes old

## Installation

The package can be installed by adding `azure_ad_openid` to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

def deps do
    {:azure_ad_openid, "~> 0.2"},

## Basic Usage

This library can be used with or without the standard Elixir configuration. If you want to
use it with configuration set the following in your config files:

config :azure_ad_openid, AzureADOpenId,
  tenant: <your tenant>,
  client_id: <your client_id>,
  client_secret: <>, # only needed to generate access tokens
  aud: <> # used to overide client_id as the value for aud

If you don't setup the config, you will need to pass these values in manually at runtime.
For example to get the authorization url:

config = [tenant: <your tenant>, client_id: <your client_id>]
AzureADOpenId.authorize_url!(<redirect_uri>, config)

The following is a simple example of a Phoenix authentication controller that uses this library:

defmodule MyAppWeb.AuthController do
  use MyAppWeb, :controller

  alias AzureADOpenId

  def login(conn, _) do
    base_uri = Application.get_env(:my_app, :base_uri)
    redirect_uri = "#{base_uri}/auth/callback"
    redirect conn, external: AzureADOpenId.authorize_url!(redirect_uri)

  def callback(conn, _) do
    {:ok, claims} = AzureADOpenId.handle_callback!(conn)

    |> put_session(:user_claims, claims)
    |> redirect(to: "/")

  def logout(conn, _) do
    |> put_session(:user_claims, nil)
    |> redirect(external: AzureADOpenId.logout_url())

## Documentation

The docs can be found at
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## Credit

The following repository was used as a base for the AzureAD authentication:

[ ](

## License

Please see [LICENSE](
for licensing details.