# Bamboo.ElasticEmailAdapter

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An [Elastic Email][] adapter for the [Bamboo][] email app for Elixir.

## Installation

1. Add `bamboo` and `bamboo_elastic_email` to your `mix.exs`:

   def deps do
       {:bamboo, "~> 1.0"},
       {:bamboo_elastic_email, "~> 1.2"}
       # OR: {:bamboo_elastic_email, github: "KineticCafe/bamboo_elastic_email"}

2. Add your Elastic Email API key to your config:

   # In your config/config.exs file
   config :my_app, MyApp.Mailer,
     adapter: Bamboo.ElasticEmailAdapter
     api_key: "my-api-key"

3. Follow the Bamboo [Getting Started Guide][getting_started].

4. To use [Elastic Email's API parameters][email_send] that are not
   automatically handled by this plug-in natively, you can place a value in
   the `Email#private` parameter:

      %{post_back: "your-post-back-value", pool_name: "your-pool-name"}

    As of version 1.2, this can also be done with the helpers in the
    `Bamboo.ElasticEmail` module.

    Supported parameters are:
      * :attachments
      * :channel
      * :charset
      * :charset_body_amp
      * :charset_body_html
      * :charset_body_text
      * :data_source
      * :encoding_type
      * :lists
      * :merge
      * :merge_source_filename
      * :pool_name
      * :post_back
      * :segments
      * :template
      * :time_off_set_minutes
      * :track_clicks
      * :track_opens
      * :utm_campaign
      * :utm_content
      * :utm_medium
      * :utm_source

### A note on Bamboo compatibility

The examples here use the Bamboo 1.0 API as an example, but
`bamboo_elastic_email` is compatible with Bamboo 0.8 or Bamboo 1.0.

## Community and Contributing

We welcome your contributions, as described in [][]. Like all
Kinetic Cafe [open source projects][], is under the Kinetic Cafe Open Source
[Code of Conduct][kccoc].

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