# Bandit

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Bandit is a pure Elixir HTTP server for Plug apps. It is currently very much a WiP but is maturing quickly (see below 
for more information on current and future development plans).

Bandit is written entirely in Elixir and is built atop [Thousand Island]( and as a result can provide scalable
and performant HTTP services out of the box. By being the simplest thing that can get from HTTP requests to a Plug
interface it is also simple and easy to understand. 

## Project Goals

* Implement comprehensive support for HTTP/1.0 through HTTP/2 (and eventually beyond) backed by obsessive RFC
  literacy and automated conformance testing
* Aim for minimal internal policy and HTTP-level configuration. Delegate to Plug as much as possible, and only 
interpret requests to the extent necessary to safely manage a connection & fulfill the requirements of supporting Plug
* Define & provide a public API for WebSockets in the same vein as Plug to allow for Phoenix to support servers other than Cowboy
* Prioritize (in order): correctness, clarity, performance. Seek to remove the mystery of infrastructure code by being
approachable and easy to understand

## Development Plan

The roadmap to 1.0 looks more or less like the following:

* [x] `0.1.x` series: Proof of concept (along with [Thousand Island]( sufficient to support [HAP](
* [x] `0.2.x` series: Revise process model to accommodate forthcoming HTTP/2 and WebSocket adapters
* [ ] `0.3.x` series: Implement HTTP/2 adapter
* [ ] `0.4.x` series: Re-implement HTTP/1.x adapter
* [ ] `0.5.x` series: Implement WebSocket extension
* [ ] `0.6.x` series: Enhance startup options, complete & revise documentation & tests
* [ ] `0.7.x` series: Integrate with Phoenix

## Installation

Bandit is [available in Hex]( The package can be installed
by adding `bandit` to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

def deps do
    {:bandit, "~> 0.3.0"}

Documentation can be found at [](

# License