# Barenboim

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 `Barenboim` is prepared to tackle with data streaming dependencies in concurrent flows.

  If your application works with a data streaming and your incoming events could have dependencies between them, the app can have problems when:
  * The Application which is sending the data is not sending the data in the right order.
  * Your Application is treating the data concurrently therefore the order is not ensured.

## Installation
  Add `barenboim` to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

  def deps do
    [{:barenboim, "~> 0.3.0"}]
## Configuration    
  Barenboim uses [poolboy]( and you can configure it depending on your needs:

  config :barenboim,
    pool_domain: :global,     # default :local
    pool_size: 20,            # default 10
    max_overflow: 3           # default 5
  You can also configure a delay for a reminder notification. A reminder notification is sent in order to
  avoid corner cases (notification between the data access and the registration of a dependency). 
  This time (milliseconds) should be defined depending on your data access function time (see next section).
  config :barenboim,
    reminder_time: 50     # default 100

## How to use it
  Define the function that will retrieve the dependency data where `dependency_ref` is the reference of your data
  and call `Barenboim.get_data`. You can also specify a time out in milliseconds.
  fun = fn(dependency_ref) -> MyDataModule.get(dependency_ref) end
  {:ok, data} = Barenboim.get_data(dependency_ref, fun)

  Meanwhile, the flow that is processing a new event has to `notify` when the data is available for others.
  Barenboim.notify({:reference, dependency_ref})
  Or you can even attach the data:
  Barenboim.notify({:data, dependency_ref, dependency_data})
## Test
  Run the tests.
  mix test 
## In honor of
  [Daniel Barenboim](