# BepaidEx - Elixir Library for bePaid payment processing gateway


The BepaidEx Elixir library provides convenient access to the [bePaid API]( from applications written in the Elixir language.

## Installation

Add `bepaid_ex` to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

def deps do
    {:bepaid_ex, "~> 0.9.0"}

Update your dependencies:

$ mix deps.get

## Configuration

BepaidEx requires certain properties to be configured.

In order to load ENV vars at runtime, use `{:system, ENV_VAR_NAME}` notation.
Please note ENV vars have to be set prior app loading: `export BEPAID_SHOP_ID=123`...

config :bepaid_ex,
  shop_id: {:system, "BEPAID_SHOP_ID"},
  key_secret: {:system, "BEPAID_KEY_SECRET"}

Otherwise you can set constant values via binaries:

config :bepaid_ex,
  shop_id: "BEPAID_SHOP_ID_HERE",
  key_secret: "BEPAID_KEY_SECRET_HERE"

## Usage example:

alias Bepaid.{Gateway, Payment}

%Payment{amount: 100, description: "Test payment", test: true}
|> Payment.set_tracking_id()
|> Payment.update_customer(%{ip: ""})
|> Payment.update_credit_card(%{token: "TOKEN"})
|> Bepaid.put_charge()

## Links

* [Documentation][1]
* [Hex][2]

## License

Parameterize is released under [MIT][3] license.