# bigi

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Arbitrary precision integer arithmetic for Gleam.

In the Erlang target, all integers are automatically "big integers" that are subject to
arbitrary precision arithmetic. This means there is no need for this package if you are only
targeting Erlang.

In JavaScript, Gleam's `Int` type corresponds to the `number` type, which is implemented using
floating-point arithmetic. That means it's subject to the following limits:

- [Maximum safe integer](
  [minimum safe integer](
  beyond which the accuracy of arithmetic suffers, and
- [maximum value](
  [minimum value](
  beyond which the numbers are converted to `Infinity` or `-Infinity`.

This package thus provides big integers for the JavaScript target and additionally provides a
consistent interface for packages that target both Erlang and JavaScript. In Erlang, regular
integers are used. In JavaScript, the
type is used.

gleam add bigi

import bigi

pub fn main() {

  // Ok(1001764965203423232489536175780127875223912737784875709632508486855447029778...)

Further documentation can be found at <>.

## Development

gleam run   # Run the project
gleam test  # Run the tests
gleam shell # Run an Erlang shell