# BlueHeronTransportUART

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BlueHeron supports UART-based Bluetooth modules. Currently, this ONLY includes
the Cypress Semiconductor
[BCM43438]( This part is on
the Raspberry Pi Zero W and the Raspberry Pi 3 B. It is NOT on the 3 B+.

To use, add `:blue_heron_transport_uart` to your `mix.exs` dependencies and
adapt the following to initialize a transport context.

config = %BlueHeron.HCI.Transport.UART{
  device: "/dev/ttyACM0",
  uart_opts: [speed: 115200],
{:ok, ctx} = BlueHeron.transport(config)

## License

The source code is released under the MIT license.

Check [NOTICE](NOTICE) and [LICENSE](LICENSE) files for more information.