# Botfuel

This is an (unofficial) Elixir SDK for the []( NLP bot platform.
Feedback and contributions are of course welcome.

## Usage

You can start the `Botfuel.Client` module manually in your Supervision tree, or use `Botfuel.new_client(%{app_id: <your app ID>, app_key: <your app key>})`.

iex(1)> Botfuel.new_client(%{app_id: app_id, app_key: app_key})
{:ok, #PID<0.189.0>}

## Roadmap

* [x] Basic support for [entity extraction](
* [x] Basic support for [spellchecking](
* [x] Basic support for [QnA](

:tada: V0.1 :tada:

## Licence

This software is licenced under the MIT licence.  
You can alternatively buy me a drink IRL if you're grateful for my work. :)