# Bottom

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This is an Elixir implementation of [bottom](

Bottom encodes UTF-8 text into a sequence comprised of bottom emoji (`🫂✨🥺❤️`, with `,` sprinkled in for good measure) followed by `👉👈`. It can encode any valid UTF-8 — being a bottom transcends language, after all — and decode back into UTF-8.

## Installation

The package can be installed by adding `bottom` to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

def deps do
    {:bottom, "~> 0.2.0"}

## Basic Usage

iex> Bottom.encode("Hello world!")
{:ok, "💖✨✨,,👉👈💖💖,👉👈💖💖🥺,,,👉👈💖💖🥺,,,👉👈💖💖✨,👉👈✨✨✨,,👉👈💖💖✨🥺,,,,👉👈💖💖✨,👉👈💖💖✨,,,,👉👈💖💖🥺,,,👉👈💖💖👉👈✨✨✨,,,👉👈"}

iex> Bottom.decode("💖✨✨,,👉👈💖💖,👉👈💖💖🥺,,,👉👈💖💖🥺,,,👉👈💖💖✨,👉👈✨✨✨,,👉👈💖💖✨🥺,,,,👉👈💖💖✨,👉👈💖💖✨,,,,👉👈💖💖🥺,,,👉👈💖💖👉👈✨✨✨,,,👉👈")
{:ok, "Hello world!"}

## Documentation

Documentation can be found on [HexDocs]( See the docs for the [Bottom module]( specifically.

## Other Libraries

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