# BtrzHealthchecker

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Health checker gets the information for the desired services passed as Checkers in addition to environment information.

## Documentation
API documentation at HexDocs [](

## Installation

If [available in Hex](, the package can be installed
by adding `btrz_ex_health_checker` to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

def deps do
  [{:btrz_ex_health_checker, "~> 0.2.2"}]
## Usage

  my_connection_opts = %{hostname: "localhost", username: "postgres", password: "mypass", database: "mydb"}[%{checker_module: BtrzHealthchecker.Checkers.Postgres, opts: my_connection_opts}])
  %BtrzHealthchecker.Info{build: "d3b3f9133f68b8877347e06b3d7285dd1d5d3921", commit: "3d7285dd1d5d3921d3b3f9133f68b8877347e06b", 
    instanceId: "i-b3f9133f68b88", services: [%{name: "postgres", status: 200}], status: 200}

## Postgres checker
You can use the pre-defined BtrzHealthchecker.Checkers.Postgres
## Create your custom checkers
You can create and pass your own checkers using the Checker behavour, implementing `check_status/1` and `name/0`.

defmodule MyApp.CustomChecker do
  @behaviour BtrzHealthchecker.Checker

  def name, do: "my_service"
  def check_status(opts) do
    // checking code here...