Bugsnag notifier for Erlang applications.

## Dependencies

Requires Lager.

The following applications must be started:

    lager, inets, crypto, ssl

## Usage

You may send custom errors directly:

bugsnag:notify(error, fake, "Testing bugsnag with a manual error report", no_module, 0).

Or use the Erlang error logger:

error_logger:error_msg("A sample error caught by the bugsnag error logger.").

Or cause an error with a full stack trace:


When embedding, make sure to set up the configuration elements in your sys.config (or other config file):

  {bugsnag, [
    {error_logger, true},
    {api_key, "ENTER_API_KEY"},
    {release_state, "development"}

And start the application:


Or add the application to your .app configuration.

## Thanks

Thank you to Ken Pratt: his library provided a lot of code for this library.