Butler is a simple slack bot designed to make your life easier.  He's a swell guy.

## Creating your own Butler

You can install the butler archive with this command:

    $ mix archive.install

Once you've done that you can generate your robot. For instance, if you want
to name your robot `marvin` then you would run:

    $ mix marvin
    $ cd marvin
    $ mix deps.get
    $ mix run --no-halt

Congratulations! You now have your own butler.

### Plugins

Plugins give Butler abilities. They provide a simple api for listening for
specific commands.

### Adapters

Butler has adapters in order to talk to multiple chat platforms. The default platform
is Slack and an adapter is provided as a part of Butler.

For local development there is a terminal adapter which provides a lightweight
repl interface.

### Slack Adapter

Butler needs a slack api token in order to connect to your organization.

    $ export SLACK_API_KEY=your_api_key

You can then run butler in production mode.

    $ MIX_ENV=prod mix run --no-halt

## Contributing

Butler is still a work in progress and we appreciate any contributions. If you
have questions then feel free to open an issue.