# Calibex

**Handle exhaustively ICal format**: bijective coding/decoding for ICal
transformation, ICal email request and responses.

Simple algorithm for ICal encoding : *every ICal fields handled*.

## ICal Elixir bijective format

The ICal elixir term is exactly a representation of the ICal file format : for instance : 

[vcalendar: [[
  prodid: "-//Google Inc//Google Calendar 70.9054//EN",
  version: "2.0",
  calscale: "GREGORIAN", 
  vevent: [[
    dtstart: %DateTime{},
    dtend: %DateTime{},
    organizer: [cn: "My Name",value: ""],
    attendee: [cutype: "INDIVIDUAL",role: "REQ-PARTICIPANT",partstat: "NEEDS-ACTION",rsvp: true, cn: "Moi",
                "x-num-guests": 0, value: ""],

`Calibex.encode/1` and `Calibex.decode/1` parse and format an ICal from this
terms : see functions doc to find encoding rules.

Using this terms make it possible to handle all types of ICal files and any
fields type. But the downside of this approach is that it can be cumbersome
to create and handle this tree of keyword lists. To help you in this tasks,
some helpers functions are provided : 

- ``
- `Calibex.new_root/1`
- `Calibex.request/1`

## Example usage : email event request generation 

Calibex.request(dtstart:, dtend: Timex.shift(,hours: 1), summary: "Mon évènement",
          organizer: "", attendee: "", attendee: "")
 |> Calibex.encode