# Cep

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A package to query Brazilian zip (CEP) codes.

Has support for multiple source APIs (Correios, ViaCep, Postmon, etc).
It can query one specific source or query until one source returns a valid

## Table of Contents
- [Table of Contents](#table-of-contents)
- [Installation](#installation)
- [Usage](#usage)
- [Configuration](#configuration)
  - [Sources](#sources)
- [Future](#future)

## Installation

It's is available as an [Hex]( package and thus can be installed

1. Add cep to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

def deps do
  [{:cep, "~> 0.0.2"}]

## Usage

To query for the address of any given Brazilian CEP code:

{:ok, address} = Cep.Client.get_address("29375-000")
IO.inspect address

The default `Cep.Client.get_address` will first try to access the official Brazilian
Post Office web service to get the information. If the web service is down,
timeout or doesn't have information about one specific CEP the next source will
be automatically and transparently used. If none of the sources give good reply
it will return a proper error, as in the following example:

{status, reason} = Cep.Client.get_address("00000-000")
IO.inspect status
IO.inspect reason

You can modify the sources that a query will use by using the `sources` keyword
argument and sending as its value any combination of the element from
`Cep.sources` as follows:

available_sources = Keyword.delete(Cep.sources, :correios)
{:ok, address} = Cep.Client.get_address("28016-811", sources: available_sources)

To query just one specific source there is a sugar: just send the `source` with
the desired source:

Cep.Client.get_address("28016-811", source: :viacep)

## Configuration

### Sources

You can change the default sources used when no `source` or `sources` keywords
are sent to `Cep.Client.get_address` by modifying your config file like this:

config :cep, sources: [:correios, :viacep]

**IMPORTANT**: even if you add the default sources in config file, the `source`
and `sources` keywords can override this configuration.

#### Add a custom source

defmodule Cep.Sources.Custom.YourNewGreateSource do
  import Cep.Sources.Base

  @behaviour Cep.Source

  def get_address(cep) do
    # implement your source returning:
    # { :ok, %Cep.Address{...} }
    # or
    # { :error, "reason" }
    # or
    # { :not_found, _ }

and then pass it as the default sources in config file or as `sources` keywords.

config :cep, sources: [:correios, Cep.Sources.Custom.YourNewGreateSource]
# or
client.get_address("00010-100", sources: [:correios, Cep.Sources.Custom.YourNewGreateSource])

## Future

Future features that are planned:

1. Use the circuit breaker pattern to avoid querying sources that return
   unexpected errors too often.

2. Use [Mox]( in the specs