# Chameleon


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Chameleon is a utility that converts colors from one model to another.
It currently supports: Hex, RGB, CMYK, HSL, Pantone, and Keywords.

## Use
Conversion requires an input color struct, and an output color model.
Example: `Chameleon.convert("FFFFFF"), Chameleon.RGB) -> %Chameleon.RGB{r: 255, g: 255, b: 255}`

If a translation cannot be made, the response will be an error tuple with
the input value returned.
Example: `Chameleon.Color.convert("F69292"), Chameleon.Pantone) -> {:error, "No keyword match could be found for that hex value."}`

In this example, there is no pantone value that matches that hex value, but
an error could also be caused by a bad input value;
Example: `Chameleon.convert("Reddish-Blue", Chameleon.Hex)`

## Caveat(s)
Pantone is designed to be used on printed work only. As such, it is disingenuous to say a
pantone value can be translated to a hex value since hex values will look different depending
on the device displaying them. However, if you have a pantone value and want to find a
device-displayable analog, this library will work.

## Installation

The package can be installed by adding `chameleon` to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

def deps do
    {:chameleon, "~> 2.0.0"}
## Contribution
Contributions are welcomed. Please open a pull request or file an issue with your ideas.
Some ideas would be:
 * add a new color model for conversion
 * add functionality to generate complementary colors
 * handle errors for invalid input values