Chaos Spawn
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## What and why

Inspired by netfix's chaos monkey. This library is intended to be a low level
process based equivalent. It works by replacing the ```Kernel.spawn```
functions with overidden ones that return processes that die at random. This should
force an app's supervision tree to actually work.

Currently super alpha. Probably not a good idea to use yet.

## Installation
Add the following to your mix.exs dependencies:
defp deps do
  [ {:chaos_spawn, "~> 0.0.2"} ]
then add chaos_spawn as an application in your mix.exs:

def application do
  [applications: [:logger, :chaos_spawn]]

## Usage

### Control
The moment the app is started chaos spawn starts potential killing processes.
This can be stopped by calling
and then later restarted with:

### Registering processes to kill
By default no processes are eligible to be killed by chaos spawn. The
following documents show how to do this:

[HOWTO: Add chaos spawn using the provided helper modules](

[HOWTO: Add chaos spawn manually](

### Config
A number of options are provided:
#### ```kill_tick```
The delay in milliseconds between chaos spawn checking for processes to kill.
#### ```kill_probability```
 A float between 0 and 1 that determines the probability of a process being
 killed each tick.
#### ```only_kill_between```
Takes a start and end time (always utc) and  chaos spawn will only kill
processes between these times.

config :chaos_spawn, :kill_tick, 1000
config :chaos_spawn, :kill_probability, 0.1
config :chaos_spawn, :only_kill_between, {{10, 00, 00}, {16, 00, 00}}

## Contributing
Contributions to this repo are more than welcome. Guidlines for succesfull PRs:
* Any large changes should ideally be opened as an issue first so a disucssion can be had.
* Code should be tested.
* Code under ```lib/``` should conform to coding standards tested by . You can test this by running ```mix dogma lib/```