# Cldr HTML

HTML helper functions for CLDR.

# Usage

* [Implemented] Select currencies - by default the currencies of the locales configured in the default backend

* [Implemented] Select units - by default the units returned by `Cldr.Unit.known_units/0`

* [Implemented] Select territories - by default the territories returned by `Cldr.known_territories/0`

* [Not Implemented] Select languages

* [Not Implemented] Select days of the week and months of the year in a given locale

## Examples

  iex> import Phoenix.HTML
  iex> safe_to_string, :currency, selected: :USD, currencies: ~w(usd eur jpy cop))
  "<select id=\"my_form_currency\" name=\"my_form[currency]\" selected=\"USD\"><option value=\"COP\">COP - Colombian Peso</option><option value=\"EUR\">EUR - Euro</option><option value=\"JPY\">JPY - Japanese Yen</option><option value=\"USD\">USD - US Dollar</option></select>"

## Installation

`Cldr.HTML` can be installed by adding `ex_cldr_html` to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

def deps do
    {:cldr_html, "~> 0.3"}
The documentation can be found at [](