# CloudflareAccessEx

Simplifies verification of [Cloudflare Access application tokens][1].

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## Getting started

### Installation

For now, installations should be through git reference. Tags will be available for releases.

def deps do
    {:cloudflare_access_ex, "~> 0.1"}

### Documentation

Docs are currently unpublished. Installation and usage instruction can be found in the [top-level module docs](./lib/cloudflare_access_ex.ex).

## Contributing

We appreciate any contribution. Check our []( guide for more information.

### Build/Test

To build & test from source:

mix deps.get
mix check

## Important links

* [Cloudflare Access Application Tokens][1]
* [Validating JWTs (from Cloudflare Docs)][2]


## Copyright and License

Copyright (c) 2023,

The source code is licensed under the [MIT License](


- [ ] Add a test `JwksStrategy`
- [ ] If the keys get rotated unexpectedly, the 'JwksStrategy` signers will be out of date until the next poll.
- [ ] As the `JwksStrategy` module will be called for every request, it is a potential bottleneck.
      Should consider using an ets table or other shared memory mechanism.
- [x] Create a `Plug` module.
- [x] Write a better Readme
- [ ] Consider publishing to hex
- [ ] Consider contributing `JwksStrategy` (if good) back to [joken_jwks](