# Coinbase-Elixir

Coinbase API v0.1 Client for Elixir:

An alpha coinbase API client for the [Elixir]( language. 

This API is based off of [balanced-elixir]( and I take no credit for the organization of the project. 

**DISCLAIMER: Coinbase is an API for currency! This is not production ready yet and I take no responsibility for any damages.**

## Usage
{:coinbase, "~> 0.0.1"}


{:ok, coinbase} =

#alternatively, you can pass in the key and secret

{:ok, coinbase} ="my_key", "my_secret")

#then pass in the coinbase pid when calling functions

{status, response} = Coinbase.Users.Self.get(coinbase)

status is either `:ok` or `:error`
response is a Map converted from the json response from Coinbase.

## Additional Links
Coinbase API Documentation can be found [here]( Although I've found about 10-15 typos and things wrong with their examples. Be careful.

## Contributing
Please help this library. It's a great way to get some elixir experience. There is a decent amount of grunt work I don't have the time for.

Things to submit pull requests for:
- [ ] Complete tests for all endpoints
- [ ] Support new coinbase sandbox url 
- [ ] Use v2 of coinbase API
- [ ] Add appropriate licensing