# colours
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A Gleam library for adding colours in terminal outputs.

Very important for building beautiful test suites or ncurses terminal apps.

## Quick start

Colours is easy to use. 

Just use any colour you want as a function. For foreground colour add fg and for background color add bg.
for example:

 will print Maroon in Maroon colour.

 will print Maroon with Maroon background.


Colours also supports this text effects:

 - **Bold** (`colours.bold()`) 
 - <ins>Underline</ins> (`colours.underline()`)
 - *Italic* (`colours.italic()`)
 - ~~Strikethrough~~ (`colours.strikethrough()`)

## Installation

Colours can be installed by adding `colours` to your `rebar.config` dependencies:

{deps, [

## Documentation 

You can visit a hexdocs documentation generated by gleam [here](