# Comeonin

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Comeonin is a specification for password hashing libraries.

## News

Comeonin has been updated to version 5.

In this version, Comeonin now provides two behaviours, Comeonin and
Comeonin.PasswordHash, which password hash libraries then implement.

See the file for information about you can upgrade to
version 5.

## Password hashing algorithms

We recommend you use one of the following password hashing libraries.

* Argon2 - [argon2_elixir](
* Bcrypt - [bcrypt_elixir](
* Pbkdf2 - [pbkdf2_elixir](

Argon2 is considered to be the strongest password hashing algorithm,
but Bcrypt and Pbkdf2 are viable alternatives. For more information, see
[Choosing an algorithm](

## Comeonin wiki

See the [Comeonin wiki]( for more
information on the following topics:

* [algorithms](
* [requirements](
* [deployment](
  * including information about using Docker
* [references](

## Contributing

There are many ways you can contribute to the development of Comeonin, including:

* reporting issues
* improving documentation
* sharing your experiences with others
* [making a financial contribution](#donations)

## Donations

This software is offered free of charge, but if you find it useful
and you would like to buy me a cup of coffee, you can do so through

### Documentation

### License

BSD. For full details, please read the LICENSE file.