# Commanded audit middleware

Command auditing middleware for [Commanded]( CQRS/ES applications.

Records every dispatched command to the configured database storage. Includes whether the command was successfully handled, or any error.

Please refer to the [CHANGELOG]( for features, bug fixes, and any upgrade advice included for each release.

MIT License

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## Installation

  1. Add `commanded_audit_middleware` to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

      def deps do
          {:commanded_audit_middleware, "~> 0.2"},
  2. Add the following config section to `config/config.exs`:

      config :commanded_audit_middleware,
        ecto_repos: [Commanded.Middleware.Auditing.Repo],
        serializer: Commanded.Serialization.JsonSerializer

  3. Add the following config section to each environment's config (e.g. `config/dev.exs`):

      config :commanded_audit_middleware, Commanded.Middleware.Auditing.Repo,
        adapter: Ecto.Adapters.Postgres,
        database: "commanded_audit_middleware_dev",
        username: "postgres",
        password: "postgres",
        hostname: "localhost",
        port: "5432"

  4. Fetch and compile mix dependencies:

      $ mix do deps.get, deps.compile

  5. Create and migrate the command audit database:

      $ mix ecto.create -r Commanded.Middleware.Auditing.Repo
      $ mix ecto.migrate -r Commanded.Middleware.Auditing.Repo

  6. Add the middleware to your application's Commanded router.

      defmodule Router do
        use Commanded.Commands.Router

        middleware Commanded.Middleware.Auditing