# Compox

Compox starts Docker containers on demand.

Compox helps you to setup an ephemeral environment to run your tests using the
`docker-compose.yml` present in your project. After all your tests are done,
it will take the test environment down. This way your machine won't waste
resources having the containers running when they are not needed.

## Installation

Adding `compox` to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

def deps do
    {:compox, "~> 0.1.0-beta1"}

## Usage

To use Compox follow these steps:

* Create a `docker-compose.yml` file with the containers that will be started
by this application.

* Ensure Compox starts all containers before running the tests:

defp aliases do
    test: ["compox.up", "ecto.create --quiet", "ecto.migrate --quiet", "test"]

* Edit your `test_helper.exs` to stop the containers after the tests are

ExUnit.after_suite(fn _ ->

## Configuration

* `auto_start`: Whether the docker compose services should start with this
application. Defaults to `true`.

* `auto_stop`: Whether the docker compose services should stop after the tests.
 Defaults to `true`.

* `exclude`: The list of Docker services to exclude. These services won't be
started by Compox.

### Example

Compox allows you to configure a project to start/stop the containers to run the
tests, but also provides configuration to **work with any kind of situation**.

For example, some of or coworkers prefer to have the containers running all the
time. In this case you want to ensure the docker containers are started before the test, so people that prefer to save resources will start the containers, but you will also won't to avoid to take containers down.

You `config/test.exs` file will look like:

use Mix.Config

config :compox,
  auto_start: true,
  auto_stop: false

The people who will want to stop the containers after test can use a [_dotenv_
library]( to change the `auto_stop` config to `true` on their machines.

> This can work the other way around, start/stopping the containers always and
> having `dotfile` config to skipping the start/stop.