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# Comredis

Comredis is your comrade for Redis command generation in Elixir. It helps you generate correct commands with the right arity. You can then use your favorite client to push them to Redis.

It parses the [Redis commands documentation]( and generates functions in compile-time. All functions are defined in the `Comredis` module.

## Examples

#=> ["CLIENT", "LIST"]

#=> ["GET", "k"]

Comredis.mget(["k1", "k2"])
#=> ["MGET", "k1", "k2"]

Comredis.set("k", "v")
#=> ["SET", "k", "v"]

# Using SET with expire time. It allows only the options the command accepts
Comredis.set("k", "v", ex: 10)
#=> ["SET", "k", "v", "EX", 10]

You also get nice [documentation]( for each command directly from the Redis' documentation.
You can even check it out right off your IEx session.

h Comredis.get

>                                        def get(key)

> Get the value of a key

> *Group:* string

> *Available since Redis version 1.0.0.*

> *Time complexity:* O(1)


* [ ] Test against several clients
* [ ] Increase the amount of examples for the generated functions with doctests
* [ ] Property based testing to guarantee it will not crash the application