# Consolex

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Consolex is a tool that allows you to attach a web based console to any mix project.

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Use the following mix task to start the server on port **5984**.

mix consolex.server

## Web Console Usage

Open up **localhost:5984** on your browser and by default, you get a few launch options:

iex -S mix
You can choose to provide other shell options as well, like `iex -S mix phoenix.server`.
Once the shell is launched, you can start using the editor and hit "Ctrl/Cmd + Enter" or click on the provided button to send the code to the running IEx instance and execute it.

Consider a sample input code 

a = 1 + 2
b = a + 3

There are two ways to send the code to the shell for execution and a sample interaction with the shell is as follows

**Single line input(Default)**

iex(1)> a = 1 + 2; b = a + 3

**Multiline input**

iex(1)> a = 1 + 2
iex(2)> b = a + 3
Click on the options button to customise the console as per your liking.


**Warning: Due to the exposed shell for commands, it is strongly advised to refrain from using this in production environment**

**Warning: This project is still in development and contains bugs. Please help by reporting issues on github**

## Features

* **Web Console**
* Ability to plug into any existing mix project
* Multi line IEx command
* Command history
* Erl shell (Please set input option as "multi line")

## Installation

To attach the web console to any mix project, just add consolex to your list of dependencies.

Add consolex to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs` using either

`[{:consolex, "~> 0.1.0"}]`

`[{:consolex, git: ""}]`

## Copyright and License

Copyright (c) 2016, Sushruth Sivaramakrishnan.

Consolex source code is licensed under the MIT License.