defmodule Credo.Issue do
  @moduledoc """
  `Issue` structs represent all issues found during the code analysis.

  @type t :: %__MODULE__{}

  defstruct check: nil,
            category: nil,
            priority: 0,
            severity: nil,
            message: nil,
            filename: nil,
            line_no: nil,
            column: nil,
            exit_status: 0,
            # optional: the String that triggered the check to fail
            trigger: nil,
            # optional: whether the issue is old, new or fixed
            diff_marker: nil,
            # optional: metadata filled in by the check
            meta: [],
            # optional: the name of the module, macro or
            #  function where the issue was found
            scope: nil

  @doc """
  A value that be assigned to `:trigger` if there is no actual trigger.
  def no_trigger, do: {:__no_trigger__}