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Utility library for Elixir, inspired by ActiveSupport.

 - [Documentation][docs]
 - [License][license] — MIT
 - [How to contribute][contributing-info] — We don't bite. Join in on
   the fun!

## Installation

You can get Crutches from Hex. Add the following to your `mix.exs` file and run
`mix deps.get` afterwards:

defp deps do
  [{:crutches, "~> 1.0.0"}]

## Usage

If you want to import all functions provided by Crutches, `use` it in your

defmodule Foo do
  use Crutches

The above aliases `Crutches` as `C` and `Crutches.Format` as `F`. All modules
and functions in the library will be available to you. Take a look at the [API
reference][docs] for a list of modules.

If you only need a specific part of the library, you can `import` or `alias`

defmodule Bar do
  import Crutches.Option
  # Or:
  alias Crutches.Option

Again, refer to the [API reference][docs] for a list of modules and functions
that you can find in Crutches.

## Project status, compatibility and versioning

Since `v1.0.0` all APIs are stable and subject to [semantic versioning][semver].

We specifically test our code against the following combinations of Erlang/OTP
and Elixir:

| Erlang | Elixir 	|
|------- |--------- |
| `18.0` | `1.0.5` 	|
| `18.0` | `1.1.0` 	|

## Learn Elixir with us!

Crutches is a great for Elixir beginners to contribute to. We are writing
convenience functions as an addition to the Elixir standard library, a lot of
which are inspired by ActiveSupport (a similar project from the Ruby world).

The great thing about a utility library is that it is easy to contribute
without having to know a lot about the entire codebase. You can easily add a
new function in a vacuum, without having to know about the rest of the codebase.
Furthermore, we provide a list of features to be implemented, complete with
tests, so you can get started right away, even if you don't have any ideas.

We want to be a safe place for anyone to get started with Elixir or with
contributing to an open source project. If you see anything that isn't proper
in your eyes, then be sure to let one of the collaborators know!

Sounds good? Take a look at the [contributing information][contributing-info]
to get started. If anything is unclear, or if you are unsure about something,
feel free to contact one of the collaborators.


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