> **Warning** This SDK is experimental. Please do not use it for anything
> mission-critical. Possible issues include:

- Missing features
- Stability issues
- Performance issues
- Lack of polish
- Upcoming breaking changes
- Incomplete or out-of-date documentation

# Dagger

[Dagger]( SDK for Elixir.

## Installation

Fetch from repository by:

def deps do
    {:dagger, github: "dagger/dagger", sparse: "sdk/elixir"}

## Running

Let's write a code below into a script:

# ci.exs
client = Dagger.connect!()

{:ok, out} =
  |> Dagger.Client.container([])
  |> Dagger.Container.from("hexpm/elixir:1.14.4-erlang-25.3-debian-buster-20230227-slim")
  |> Dagger.Container.with_exec(["elixir", "--version"])
  |> Dagger.Container.stdout()



Then running with:

$ elixir ci.exs

Where `ci.exs` contains Elixir script above.

## Using with Dagger Function

The SDK support the Dagger Function by initiate it with:

$ dagger init <name>

**CAUTIONS**: Please note that `dagger` version 0.11.6 and earlier are not
compatible with the runtime on `main` branch. If you are using `dagger` v0.11.6, please pin the sdk to ``

The SDK will generate 2 modules inside the `dagger` directory (or the destination defined
by `--source` during call `dagger init`):

1. The `dagger` SDK itself.
2. The package `<name>` that contains your functions.