A native erlang implementation of D-Bus

D-BUs is now largely used in a lot of applications for
language-independant, object-oriented RPC system.

The erlang platform needs an erlang native implementation.

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## Documentation

* [API documentation](doc/
* [Manual](

## Current status

The status: 
* consume D-Bus services: ok
* connect through TCP and UNIX socket: ok
* connect through kernel: not ok (but can use unix socket emulation)
* tested: ok. 
  * erocci_backend_dbus includes a Python service with which eorcci_backend_dbus can interact
  * Another implementation of the same D-Bus interface is used in another project (Java):

* expose D-Bus services
* some authentication mechanisms are not implemented, but architectures allows for easy extension (see, and
* more doc, more examples
* more tests: unit tests regarding (un)marshaling would be really great, even if the above mentioned xample has rather complex interfaces which works both with Python and Java implementations
* provide facilities for standard interfaces: Properties, ObjectManager, etc.