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  Easily run TypeScript and Javascript using <a href="" target="_blank">Deno</a> right from Elixir!

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# Contents

- [Contents](#contents)
  - [Introduction](#introduction)
  - [Installation](#installation)
    - [Installing the Runtime](#installing-the-runtime)
    - [Using DenoEx to Install Copies of the Runtime](#using-denoex-to-install-copies-of-the-runtime)
  - [Supporting DenoEx](#supporting-denoex)
    - [Gold Sponsors](#gold-sponsors)
    - [Silver Sponsors](#silver-sponsors)
    - [Bronze Sponsors](#bronze-sponsors)
  - [Using DenoEx](#using-denoex)
    - [Handling Dependencies](#handling-dependencies)

## Introduction

DenoEx is designed to make it simple to run scripts using [Deno]( from your Elixir
applications. Deno is a modern runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript that uses V8 and built-in Rust. It is secure by
default, so you must opt into each level of access your scripts need when running. This includes reading environment
variables. It is for this reason that the Deno runtime was selected as I needed a secure sandbox to run external
Javascript and Typescript programs.

## Installation

The package can be installed by adding `deno_ex` to your list of dependencies in

def deps do
    {:deno_ex, "~> 0.5.0"}

### Installing the Runtime

By default Deno will automatically be installed in the package's `priv` directory
as part of the compilation process. If you would like the build to place Deno in
a different directory you may configure it. See the "Configuration" section of

### Using DenoEx to Install Copies of the Runtime

Once you have DenoEx, you will need the Deno runtime. We have created a mix task
that you can use to install Deno. By default, Deno will be installed in the
`priv` directory for the `deno_ex` dependency. `my_project/_build/dev/lib/deno_ex/priv/bin`

`mix deno_ex.install`

The installation path may be changed using `--path <path>`. Permissions may also
be changed on the `deno` executable using `--chmod <octal>`. The default
permissions are `0x770`.

## Supporting DenoEx

If you rely on this library to run TypeScript and Javascript within your application, it would much appreciated
if you can give back to the project in order to help ensure its continued development.

Checkout my [GitHub Sponsorship page]( if you want to help out!

### Gold Sponsors

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### Silver Sponsors

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### Bronze Sponsors

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## Using DenoEx

Create a Typescript file with the following contents.

console.log("Hello, world.");

Open iex using `iex -S mix` and then run the TypeScript file:

iex >{:file, "path/to/file.ts"})

### Handling Dependencies

Scripts download dependencies on their first run. The output from downloading ends up in the scripts output. In
order to avoid the time to download and vendoring at runtime we encourage users to vendor their dependencies.
You will first need to configure vendoring.

config :deno_ex,
  scripts_path: [
    Path.join(~w[test support **]),
    Path.join(~w[my_scripts hello.ts])

`scripts_path` can be a list of paths to scripts or wildcards.

`mix deno_ex.deps.get` will load all dependencies in the cache and update the lock file.

In order to ensure that your scripts use the dependencies that are cached and locked your
scripts need a few more arguments.

`cached_only: true` - tells the script to only used cached dependencies
`lock: path_to_lockfile` - tells the script where the lock file is located