# dew

A (hopefully) nice, basic gleam web server

## Installation

This package can be added to your Gleam project:

gleam add dew

and its documentation can be found at <>.

## Examples

Just some basic handler examples that do also exist in this repo, but probably
won't once it's actually in better shape.

#### HTTP Hello World
pub fn ok(_msg: HandlerMessage, sock: Socket) -> actor.Next(Socket) {
  assert Ok(resp) =
    "hello, world!"
    |> bit_string.from_string
    |> http_response(200, _)
    |> bit_string.to_string

  |> charlist.from_string
  |> send(sock, _)


#### Full HTTP echo handler
pub fn handler(req: Request(BitString)) -> Response(BitString) {
  |> response.set_body(req.body)
pub fn main() {
  assert Ok(socket) = dew.listen(8000, [])
  try _ = dew.start_acceptor_pool(socket, make_handler(handler), 10)


## Notes

This is still very rough.  There are no tests, and as noted above you can't just
send where you implement it.

In some [not-very-scientific benchmarking](, it seemed to do roughly as well as
ThousandIsland.  I am just using that as a reference point, certainly not trying
to draw any comparisons any time soon!