A dice roller expression evaluator written in Elixir!



* Erlang 17 or greater
* Elixir 1.0.1
* git (to clone the repository)

Creating a command line binary


From here, execute rolls like this:

`$ dicer "1+2+3"`

Running in interactive shell

`iex -S mix`

From here, execute rolls like this:

`iex(1)> Dicer.roll "1+2+3"`


Dicer is an elixir application that lets you evaluate dice rolls with simple arithmetic operators. the operators supported are `+, -, /, *`, grouping via parentheses, and designating dice via `<quantity>d<sides>` format (Ex. 20d8 or D100).


Because it was a fun, somewhat non-trivial way to work in Elixir.


Thanks to [Lukasz Wrobel]( for his [short series on parsing]( Part 3 was my template for my code, even if it took me way too long to translate the loops into recursive function calls!