# DocFirstFormatter

An ExUnit formatter that always outputs a list of tests, treats pending tests
differently from failures, and saves the errors for the end.

Really just a hacked-up ExUnit.CLIFormatter, and I cribbed from RSpec too.

## What does it look like?

  * passing 1 (0.2ms)
  * passing 2 (0.2ms) # this line and the other passing lines are green
  * pending (PENDING) # this line is yellow
  * failing (0.01ms, FAILED) # this line is red
  * passing 3 (0.2ms)

  1) test failing (CoolTest)
     Assertion with == failed
     code: true == false
     lhs:  true
     rhs:  false

Finished in 0.06 seconds (0.06s on load, 0.00s on tests)
5 tests, 1 failure, 1 pending

Please accept my apologies for

## Installation

If [available in Hex](, the package can be installed as:

1. Add doc_first_formatter to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

``` elixir
def deps do
  [{:doc_first_formatter, "~> 0.0.1"}]

2. Ensure doc_first_formatter is configured with ExUnit before starting
   ExUnit. In `test/test_helper.exs:`

``` elixir
ExUnit.configure formatters: [DocFirstFormatter]

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## Contributing

Want to make this project better? I'd love to have your help! Both bug reports
and patches are extremely valuable.

I've started collecting GitHub [issues that are probably easy to fix][1] if
you're interested in that.


New issues can be reported either [on GitHub][2] or [privately][3].


I'd love to review and accept your [pull requests][4], especially if they're